Chef Jo's Philsophies

Let's lay the foundation to your food journey.

I'm excited to to give you a taste of what The Healing Cuisine has to offer. This free introductory course is a casual conversation about my personal philosophies on food and well-being.
Chef Jo's Philsophies

The Course

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    The Healing Cuisine Basics
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    • THC Basics Presentation
    • The Takeways
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Here's what we're talking about:

During the course, I'll go over the following topics with you:

  1.  The Healing Cuisine Basics
  2.  Hydration
  3.  Eat More Plants
  4.  A Note on Protein
  5.  Food for Thought

After this presentation you'll have a handle on my approach toward food and general wellness that I infuse into all of my teaching. You'll then be ready to jump into the kitchen with me and learn some RAWkin' recipes!

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Ready to get cooking?

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